The Nutrition and Health Center offers modern and effective methods for correction of nutritional status based on creation of personalized nutritional profiles. We are constantly up to date with the latest achievements in the field of nutrition. We believe in a personalized diet regimen and lifestyle adjustment for everyone.

This Center utilizes up to date technology to evaluate and monitor the progress of each person. A detailed evaluation includes complex parameters such as individual’s eating habits, body composition, basal metabolic rate in combination with nutritional counseling. Taken together this data is adjusted to age, gender and current health status and will let us develop a personalized plan that helps reach health goals of every concrete patient.


Step 1


We evaluate your body characteristics: your body composition, metabolic rate, dietary patterns and eating habits.


Step 2


We develop a personalized diet plan and exercise program on the basis of our examination and your health status.


Step 3


A Registered Dietitian will provide a nutritional follow-up, offering regular recommendations and examinations.

Boris Kaganov, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Med., Prof.
Boris Kaganov

Boris Kaganov, Founder of the Nutrition & Health Center, Inc. graduated in 1979 from the 2nd Medical Institute in Moscow (Russia) and made his medical carrier in the Russian Medical University (Professor of Pediatrics), Res. Center of Children’s Health (Deputy Director), Res. Inst. of Nutrition (Head of Hospital). He developed a program of personalized diet plans for patients with different nutritional disorders and obesity based on detailed counselling and noninvasive tests. In 2015 Prof. Kaganov founded the Nutrition & Health Center, Inc. in New Jersey and serves now as its President. In 2017 this Center moved from Fort Lee, NJ to Elizabeth, NJ.

Shira Levine, Registered Dietitian
Shira Levine

Shira Levine has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science. She is a Registered Dietitian through the Commission of Dietetic Registration. Shira has worked as a dietitian for more than 20 years. She has counseled patients on weight loss, diabetes, gastric diseases, cardiac health and more. Shira believes in treating the whole body through diet and exercise. She is always encouraging people to make permanent lifestyle changes to get the best results. Shira will motivate her clients to be as healthy as possible.

Sara Monk, Registered Dietitian
Sara Monk

Sara Monk is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University. She completed her dietetic internship through the University of Houston’s distance program. Sara’s mission is to help patients find freedom from chronic health conditions and harmful fad diets by developing tailored nutrition plans to meet their individual needs. Her ultimate goal is for her patients to make small, sustainable changes to their diet until it becomes a part of their lifestyle so they never have to feel like they are dieting again.

Solmaz (Sunny) Mahjoubravesh, Clinical Nutritionist
Solmaz Mahjoubravesh

Sunny Mahjoubravesh received her Bachelor degree in Biology from Azad University in Iran and her Master's degree in Nutrition and Food Science along with a Dietetic Certificate from Montclair State University in NJ. She completed her dietetic internship at Iowa State University in IA. She provided medical nutrition therapy for patients with various health conditions and did nutrition education including healthy meal plans and overall wellness. Sunny believes that focusing on healthy habits like healthy eating and exercise can help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and be well. Her passion is to encourage patients to live a better and balanced life.