The proper nutrition and plans can change your life. The Nutrition & Health Center dietitians and nutritionists will work with you to develop an individualized diet program based on your metabolism, overall health and food preferences. You will receive a safe and effective diet plan that is ideally suited for your body and your health status.

We work with all types of medical conditions which need nutritional assessment such as morbid obesity, bariatric patients, overweight, underweight, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases, food allergy, mineral or vitamin insufficiency, genetic diseases, etc. The medical nutritional care provided in our Center will help you understand your nutritional needs and stay healthy.

And the last but not the least: we accept all major insurances.

Dietetic Consultation & Nutritional Status Check-up

A Registered Dietitian will diagnose existing problems and possible causes of a nutritional disorder and perform a detailed survey with regards to your health, blood biochemistry, weight, blood pressure and other parameters.

Assessment of Daily Diet & Food Intake

An assessment will be made of your daily diet and food intake. This will include a determination of the amount of nutrients in your regular daily diet. A survey will be conducted using computer-based testing. The test results will then allow the Registered Dietitian to assess your personal eating habits, identify your energetic value and the nutritional composition of your diet.

Psychological Testing

We will identify any eating disorders and assess your level of motivation to achieve results in a comprehensive weight loss program.

Measuring of Body Composition

This helps to establish, as accurately as possible, which of the patient’s body components (fat, water, muscle mass) has excess weight. A study conducted by bioelectrical impedance analysis will measure this.

Evaluation of Basal Metabolism

This allows to determine the individual's minimal energy requirement at rest using a modern non-invasive indirect calorimetry test measuring O2 consumption.

Stay Committed

How long should you stay with the program? This is the patient’s decision. However, we recommend 6 - 12 months of follow-up to maintain achieved results.


We evaluate your body characteristics: your body composition, metabolic rate, dietary patterns and eating habits.


We develop a personalized diet plan and exercise program on the basis of our examination and your health status.


A Registered Dietitian will provide a nutritional follow-up, offering regular recommendations and examinations.

Our team strongly believes that in order to effectively lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle you should be examined and treated properly with the use of all contemporary nutritional methods and techniques.

If you are obese, overweight, underweight, suffer from diabetes, hypertension, or a urinary or cholelithiasis (gallbladder) disorder, have elevated levels of "bad" cholesterol and lipids in the blood or problems with your skin or hair, we encourage you to come and see one of our specialists. Our Registered Dieticians will gladly explain the program, and help you lose weight quickly without negative health consequences. This is especially true for those who have a hard time changing eating habits and preferences that underlie most health issues. The techniques and methods that our professionals use are based on modern medical knowledge and scientific principles.